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Reclaim Life

You are born to bloom ..

Hello beautiful people

Welcome to Coachasmi's world!!!

I love to help empathetic ambitious women to reach their potential, maximize their self-worth, & have harmonious relationship with self, others & work through 'Inner child healing' and 'Empath empowerment'.

My intention is to contribute in better emotional and mental health in society. Does it speak to you? Then I'm here, holding the space for you. Let's work together...


Certified As

Coaching Mastery - Successful coach program
'Train The Trainer' Qualified and successful coach program by life by design methodology. (Puja Puneet > Jack enfield)
Empowerment life coach & healer :
Healer Certifications : Inner Child Healing, Holistic Lifestyle Intensive program (Sound healing, MK Priyank - World record holder healer)
Akshar yoga online healing course (nature elements connectivity and yogic practices), Abundance accelerator (Kartika Nair),
Master healer in Usui reiki from International reiki foundation, Reiki Grandmaster Healer. 



Neha K.

Experience with CoachAsmi's Inner child healing course : - I was in my dark phase of life, gone through spine surgery and everything was Asmita has been one of the greatest soul that I've come across at that time. She understands you the way u don't understand yourself. She knows the reason for things to be the way they are and still listens patiently to every word that we say. she notes every single detail that we share. with me it's been a lot that i won't remember what i shared but she does. she doesn't only hear, she listens! her healing is deep and powerful work. She help us heal  from within. She helped me to understand and release my blockages, traumas, hurts & pains. she help me becoming my bestest version and her ongoing support is one of the great system along with her courses. This course not only helped me at physical level, I started traveling with in 1 week. I started sitting for meditation which wasn't the case when i started the course . Asmita is truly compassionate soul and encourage all of us to be the same.
Her coaching methods are individualistic, whether you met her in group or 1:1. I was very lucky to be having sessions with her early in the mornings giving the day a beautiful start with meditations and healing!
She truly is a star of a person spreading her light to everyone that comes across.
thank u for being an inseparable aspect of my life and introducing me to the new world of love and healing!.. I'm eternally thankful and grateful for your presence!
- Inner child healing course  gives us an insight for all the things that happened to us and the reason we are the way we are...Its way to work on the deep rooted un-hdealthy patterns and beliefs, traumas in most effective way. It's a beautiful explorative journey that everyone should undertake to know oneself a little better... it is tremendously helpful making you a better version of yourself!

You had been a pillar and a support I needed.. I’m truly deeply grateful for your presence in my life.. it really changed for better…your words are always appreciated and have an utmost importance in my life..I treasure you now and forever..a truly gem of a person …I wish u 2024 life full of love and vigor coz you deserve every ounce of it!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

Rating stars out of 5 - all the stars for you :) --- 5/5


Due to my emotional vulnerability, I used to suffer in small matters. Because of the loss of loved ones, I used to be in grief. I used to keep myself very busy, but without finding a solution, I would ignore my problems. When I joined ICH, I rediscovered myself. The small wounds that had been hidden and suppressed started to surface. It was ICH that showed me the way to stop all of this.My self-awareness became clearer. When real-time examples or personal experiences were used to explain concepts, it became easier to correlate them with society.They show the appropriate paths to resolve current doubts. Because of this, the process became simpler to understand.Because of sessions with ICH, my perspective on certain matters changed. My intellectual progress increased. As a result, my suffering decreased.You too must have experienced this process.
















" Asmita had been extremely helpful in my search to find the guidance and support during testing times in my life. She is a wonderful listener and  helped me to open up so quickly. What really amazes me about Asmita is her knowledge combined with strategists as well as  value centered guidance which really helped me to improve and brought me closer to my goals. She is extremely fabulous in finding an easy solutions in most difficult lif situations. Sessions with her had been truly enlightening and transformational.
I would highly recommend Asmita if you are looking for a life coach due to her in depth knowledge and commitment."


Before joining coachasmi, I was in very bad problem perplex and puzzled situation in my life. I wanted Clarity in my mind. I wanted someone to assist me emotionally and mentally. Before joining her 1:1 I was in anxiety, fear Grudge, resentment, confused. Also, I wanted to achieve my goals but I was not able to maintain consistency I wanted Clarity in my mind and hard so that I can go further in my life after joining Coachasmi. I managed to forgive people and move on in life.

I could live my life happily, she also provide me extend help after completion when I needed.The weekly exercise help me to gain my confidence in different areas of my life. This coaching also help me to generate self love.

Coachasmi helped me in each and every thing whichever I needed to move from small to big like effectively writing my goals to a affirmations. Everything is explained very very nicely by her. She is good at storytelling which help me in certain habits and I could use tools properly. Can't thank you enough. With lots of love & gratitude -  Urwella (1:1 )


Coach Asmi is my friend from college. I  feel blessed to have such a friend. Who helps you to tap your qualities, potential no one can bring out the best out of you like her. She always guided me whenever I need. l see her & her life improving day by day. I attended her group sessions. She point out everyone's positive side. I enjoy success stories from others too from her session. She is having such energy because of that everyone get involved and benefited. She guides with deep clarity . Explain each every point very nice. She is good human being I say this not because she is my friend. I always see her touching lives for better whoever in contact with her . Thank you Coach Asmi being you and for everything.


"I was stuck some where now I got my answers. I am grateful to you Asmita and universe too! Lots of lots of love to you!!  Asmita,  do you know your Dp aura is also so powerful. It gives me strength and positivity. You are really wonderful person. I want to share you something as the credit goes to you, I'm feeling soooooooooo relaxed and  extremely happy. I cant express in words its happening with me after two years. hurreeyy... thanks a lot. "


" I happened to have met Asmita in online session when due to the lockdown I was really feeling overwhelmed while trying to mange both work and family. She was kind enough to hear me vent out my challenges and struggles compassionately. I could sense her genuine interest in me, based on which she was able to help steer clear of all the distractions and focus on my aspirations. She also reminded me of how awesome I genuinely am. Thank you Asmita for being such a beautiful soul and being able to see so much in me even when I can not see as much. It was truly amazing connecting with you, you make the person feel much better than they came in. Discussion have really given me good insights on how to move forward. Thank you for being so energetic and patient despite you being in a completely different time zone." : 

"Asmita is a great observer and she can dig deeper into the issue and finally summarize things aptly. I'm grateful to

Asmita, I'm feeling so energized. It was deep learning and wonderful session."

"Asmita is  having so positive vibes! she always so  encouraging and inspiring. Her talks always motivate and a great boost for many."

Vishakha : 

"Asmita can't thank you enought....I feel I have found the soul I was searching for my entire life... The soul which can rise me from ashes to sky high.... During sessions and afterwords I feel  so much of change ....inside and my perceptions... Divine energy gone flowing all over my much positivity I can see around... Most precious time of my life... deep gratitude!!" 

V. Kunju

Mrs Shilpa

Coachasmi's program changes my habits, life. I progress in meditation concentration than before, feeling relaxed and reduce the tension. I & my family clearly see change in my nature, the way I respond. I'm more confident & optimistic. Due to gratitude, I see good news increased in my life. I enjoy them writing in diary. I'm feeling near to abundance & my victory path. Coachasmi is so loving and kind, she always inspire me to have solution oriented approach. The unnecessary overthinking is in control now.

Due to her presence in life I feel my life is royal & Rich. She has in-depth knowledge, wisdom and humble heart. with her coaching the awareness increases how to use what you have. I focus more on what I wanted to do instead of what I don't wanted. After kid, I really wanted someone with me to navigate this phase in better way. I see activeness In my kid too.

With coachasmi, I feel more optimistic, happy and powerful than before. I'm eagerly waiting for next course as I wanted to gain more knowledge, mindset, emotional level empowerment for me & for my family & generation. I'm so grateful .- Mrs Shilpa


Gratitude for CoachAsmi : Through her social media posts, I come to know Asmi is lifecoach who helps to overcome life issues & guides to achieve the empowered/better self. I communicated with her  & I enrolled her coaching as I was struggling with my life's challenges. I was lacking in discipline, confidence, was not sure about my strength, There was a mess in my life.

          With session, I put efforts on developing mindset, disciplines & self care. I started working on my goals in different areas of life. Due to her tools, techniques & planning, the confidence has been developed & now I am building life with clarity. I understood the values of relations, accepting & respecting the differences. She helped me to stand up for myself & to have solution oriented approach. When we have conversations I thought that I am talking with my mirror because of her understanding.

            Asmi is a brilliant coach with a very positive approach, caring attitude & awesome listening, connecting skills. She is a package of knowledge, professional touch, kind heart & sweet nature. She is a very dedicated person. She has a bright future! Thanks Asmi, you are not my coach but family member. Thank you very much. 

Work with Me


Saying Thank You is not enough for Coachasmi's coaching!!!  Asmita has unique & impactful coaching style, it’s creative, scientific, structural and she connects well with all. It’s was not just ritual it was more than that. She go beyond the promised content and believes in serving more.  Her Winning morning ritual group program was an Icing on the cake for me. I enjoyed the clear benefits as I do in her 1:1 coaching. I ask my mother to join too which uplift her spirit and definitely helped her to feel abundance in present. I like the curiosity and efforts my mother shown during program which was totally unexpected. The big benefit for me  of her group coaching program  it’s not only to do the ritual but doing it mindfully and building lifestyle. Understanding to use tools given in different areas/ ways. She has great touch of spirituality in her delivery.

Now my grass is ready on which I can walk life long! I would definitely recommend her 1:1 and group both coaching programs.

Loads of love, gratitude .

- Urwella ( group program)


"Asmita is optimistic, compassionate committed and dedicated person."Asmita is connection queen, she can become your good friend in no time. Her warm vibes , systematic coaching approach takes your worry away and give you proper tools . She gives more time to a person to see the root cause and being so patient in follow ups for the  desired results. "

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