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As an empowered life coach I have been working on deep understanding of the principles of personal empowerment, and the ability to communicate these principles in a way that is accessible and actionable for clients. I am happy and grateful to coach clients globally i.e. US, India, UK, UAE, Australia, Japan etc and facilitating their self-evolution journey. Coaching is available in English, Hindi and Marathi.

I have been doing 1:1 coaching, group coaching. In group coaching I have been running different programs.


My happy clients reported their wins in different areas :

  • Harmony in life

  • Increased self-love ,self-compassion

  • Increased courage, confidence

  • Increased self esteem, self image

  • Clarity on purpose/passion, serving

  • Accelerated goal achievement

  • Increased Compassion for others

  • Sense of greater happiness and abundance

  • Increased Forgiveness

  • Betterment in spiritual /mental/ emotional health

  • Better relationships, responsibility handling, positions, income etc.

      If you are feeling overwhelmed by life’s roller coster journey and demands. If you are feeling stuck and not getting direction to move ahead, my coaching aim to empower you with powerful tools, techniques and strategies so that you will evolve into better version of yourself and achieve your dreams and goals at any circumstances.

Here is my gift for you

Click below to get workbook which will change the game for you and help you :-

* To explore more about your personality

* To find your passions, desires/dreams.  

* What's stopping you to move ahead.

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