My Story

                I'm Asmita, software professional by background and empowerment coach by passion. I'm on mission to help empathetic people specially women who are feeling stuck, unclear & empty while going  through transitions of life & help them reclaim redesign their dream life.

Why into empowerment coaching?

                           I'm always been kind, loving & optimistic person. Being empath, I felt those life's rollercoaster journey intensively. Some incidents hit to my core and left me with many 'Why's'. In search of those answers to those questions I have been putting efforts in educating me through different practices. 

                 I had almost lost my true nature and was into emptiness/ isolation.  I understood, being good/ being on noble path blindly would affect you harshly if you're ignorant about EQ, mindset, awareness, self love factors. You would loose yourself again and again in similar patterns if you don't put right work on it.

               I could bounce back because of buddha's teaching, practices, mentors, books, like minded friends and family. Then I have been evolving and getting redirected to different platforms as its result, I could reclaim and redesign my life and now help others too.

                My message is based on my own 'pain to power' journey.  I believe, people do mistakes just because of ignorance and type of stories they tell themselves. When they learn to respond well towards life's challenges, all will bloom and spread their magic for which they are born. I truly believe we all are born to  bloom fully and not just live normally. 

How does she help you?
              Firstly, you will find a 'good friend' in me no time. As an empowerment life coach, I helps people specially women to let go the past, pains, patterns then help them narrow down their focus on right things. I can assist them from their present state to their dream version 'New you 2.0'. As a result, they accept who they are and tap their own potential, With right tools and education people know why they are stuck and how they can go to their dream version. I gave my clients/ students simple yet powerful tools, strategies, accountability and extended help.

I focus on structural self building which includes self-love, self esteem, compassion, mindset, emotional intelligence, body intelligence, energy and self-mastery based on client's need.                                 I offer a wide array of services, such as one-on-one coaching, group coaching, workshops, speaking engagements.


"Everyone is a star and deserves a chance to shine!"